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FIGHTING FOOL linen 3sh 1932Size - 41x81 3-Sheet Linen Backed - Cond A-   The Fighting Fool, the 1932 Lambert Hillyer cowboy western (Tim McCoy is a sheriff who kills an outlaw's brother, and the outlOlsky 70"x54" Framed - Linen - Cond A  - Although the more famous poster for this hat company is by Cappiello , this vibrant Deco image by Olsky may be the more handsome design. Combining elements ofMarcello Nizzoli - 77"x56" Framed - Linen Cond ALe SaleveArtist: HENRY REBSize: 47 1/4 x 62 7/8 in./120 x 159.6 cmCondition: A-Unobtrusive tears at edges.Printer: Imp. Générale, GrenobleLe Saleve. 1932.An Alpine lookout point accessible by cable caSchnackenberg (1880-1961) Line Framed - 48"x36" Cond A-J. ROBERTS KONLEIN (1901-?) PEUGEOT. 1934. 
62 7/8x47 1/8 inches. H. Chachoin, Paris. 
This is another example of work produced by the Damour Brothers which is signed by the artist. In their handlingGeorges Favre 48"x32" Framed - Linen - Cond B+ Minor Over Painting

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